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Businesses Supporting Cancer Research UK

It is a sad fact that many people in the UK are affected by cancer, either directly themselves, or supporting family and friends through very difficult experiences.

Some of this illness is caused by past or current work activities e.g. mesothelioma or asbestosis, caused by exposure to asbestos fibres;  lung or bladder cancer from prolonged exposure to carcinogens such as diesel engine exhaust fumes; nasal cancer from prolonged exposure to wood dust. These cancers can take many years to appear, often years after people have stopped working with dangerous substances.

Knowledge about the importance of avoiding work with dangerous substances and/or working safely with them has greatly improved in recent years, and hopefully this means that fewer people will suffer serious illness caused by their work in the future. An important part of my work as a health and safety consultant and trainer is providing employers and staff with the practical knowledge they need about the precautions that prevent exposure to substances that can cause serious illnesses.

As a cancer survivor myself, I also have a personal interest in helping to fund all types of cancer research - prevention, diagnosis and treatment. I am therefore pleased to have contributed to Onion Custard Publishing's new book "At the Sharp End (the Purple Book) - Advice & Tips from 60 Real Businesses" which is available now from Amazon for only £20.00.

My contribution also features in a shorter version of the book: "At the Sharp End (the Green Book) - Advice and Tips from 20 Real Businesses" which is for sale through the above link for £8.75. All proceeds from these books go to Cancer Research UK and each of the businesses featured, including Skinner Safety Services Ltd, gave their time and advice completely free of charge. Kindle versions are also available for those who prefer technology to the written page.

I am extremely pleased to be a contributor to this fundraising project, which aims to raise £10,000 from book sales to support Cancer Research UK, whilst also providing readers with sensible business advice. Please buy your copy now!

Many thanks to David Norrington at Onion Custard Publishing for bringing these books together in record time, and for including my own contribution.

More details about the work of Cancer Research UK can be found here. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Businesses fighting cancer


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