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Health and Safety News 

Fee for Intervention

Most companies want to run their business safely. After all, looking after staff and customers makes clear business sense and pays dividends - good company reputation, staff motivation and loyalty, insurance discounts, greater efficiency, and less wasted resources all contribute to success in business and improved profit margins.

Since 1st October 2012 there has been a new 'incentive' to manage your business safely, if your work activities fall under the remit of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for enforcement purposes. This generally applies to higher risk work activities e.g. manufacturing, transport depots, peripatetic work etc but the division between HSE enforcement and local authority Environmental Health Officers is not always obvious - a full list can be found here.

In short, if an HSE inspector finds that a company is not complying with health and safety law, they will be charged £124 an hour for HSE's time under their Fee for Intervention cost recovery scheme. The clock starts at the beginning of the visit to the premises, and stops either when HSE is happy that a company has complied with the relevant legislation, or in more serious cases, when they start legal action against the company. Based on HSE's own estimates, an enforcement notice could potentially cost £1400, not including the cost of rectifying the situation.

In the first 4 months of operating this scheme, from October 2012 to January 2013, the Government collected over £1.6m, from around 3100 invoices, or an average of £520 per invoice. Some companies may have received more than one invoice over this period, as the clock will still be running while they implement the necessary changes...

We understand that running a business can be complex, and that for many business owners, time somehow runs away, and health and safety takes a back seat.

When did you last check your health and safety arrangements?

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